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bulletEmanuelle`s puppies are born! on sunday,august,, 10 puppies - 8 males and 2 females are born! look here!

after drinking,  everybody is sleeping.........






bulletXia du Coeur Poilu was bred with CH. Mickel - Angelo the Lacabru, and we will have puppies in september! the       ultrasound shows that she is pregnant and will have a lot of puppies! 
bulletXia got V1 and CACA on the IHA Graz in march 2002!
bulletEmanuelle is Austrian Youth Champion!
bulletEmanuelle did the breeding test in france!
bulleton the french selectinee Emanuelle did the character test with the maximum points - 20 ! she also did the herding test and was one of a few dogs who got 2 extra points for very good working!
bulletMontventoux is registered now in the AKC !!
bulletOur visit in California!
bulletOur holidays in Canada!
bulletMontventoux and Xylona are free of CSNB!


Xia du Coeur Poilu and Felix






bulletPuppies (13.07.02 )

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The Briard

The Briard is a breed of dog with a lot of hair and heart.

His primary use was the work with sheeps, but he is also a really good familydog.

He is a robust dog, with good proportions, full of life, and has a well balanced character.

Height: male 62 – 68 cm

Female 56 – 64 cm

Colours: fauve, black and grey

He is an intelligent, smart dog, who has always time for playing and working. The enormous temperament of this breed can be very hard for a quiet person. To children he is really very nice and tolerant.

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