C -litter
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Hello! This is the site of the first 8 " de la rue de fleurs ".

We are called Cyrano, Cagall, Clochard, Charmeur, Cognak, Camillo, Cezanne und Cloe. Cyrano, Cagall and Clochard are black, the others are tawny.

Now, we all live in our new homes: Have a look:

cyrano2.gif (44310 Byte)Hello, my name is Cyrano, and now I live with my family in a hotel in Saalbach. You want to visit me? Look here!





camillo2.gif (51594 Byte)I`m Camillo, and now I live in Vienna. My new family has also a horse and I will go riding with them when I`m older!





Cezanne2.gif (35334 Byte)I`m Cezanne, called Krümel now, and I live in Carinthia! You will see me soon, when I will visit some shows!






Chagall2.gif (30916 Byte)Hi, I`m Chagall, and I live in Vienna now! In one week my half sister Donna will come to our family and live with us! I`m very happy - so we will play the whole day!




charmeur2.gif (50382 Byte)I`m Charmeur and I live in Tirol now! I can go working with my new owner - it`s really nice!





Clochard2.gif (58188 Byte)I`m Clochard, called Caruso now and I live with two veterinarians and their child near Vienna!






Cognac2.gif (52231 Byte)My name is Cognac, and I live with a vet in Vienna! You will see me soon when I`m going to shows!






cloe2.gif (50589 Byte)Hi, I`m Cloe! I live near St. Pölten. My new family has a restaurant there and they also have a second Briard! That`s funny!





You can contact us: puppies@briards.at

telephone: +43 (0) 2626 / 5080 or +43 (0) 664/ 100 13 00