Djill du Coeur d`Autriche
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Hallo, I `m  Djill du Coeur d`Autriche, a black female.

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I was born 4 1/2 years ago in St. Pölten. There I live also today with my family. My mother is Orchidee von Anitzberg, and my papa is Faro de Lacabru.

Like Montventoux, I love it to spend my free time with horses. But I also have to work. I have the BgH2 and the FH1. My hips are , what a question, wunderful, HD - free!

On April, 3th my puppies were born. I have 8 - 7 male and 1 female!

Now, all my puppies are at their new homes and I also went home to my family! But I will come back next year!

I married Montventoux again, and we will have puppies in the first week of June. I think, I will have black and tawny babies, like last year!

You can write to me:

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