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Hey, I`m Montventoux and I was born on May 22. 1992 in Nehmten, Germany. My mother is Fatou du Coeur Poilu and my father was Hocky du Bois d`Howis.The first 8 weeks of my life ,I spent with my breeder, Dr. Eiser , in a romantic house near Plön. When I was 2 month old, Susan came and i went with her to Austria. Now, I live on a farm , 50 km in the south of Vienna.With Susan I go working every day ( she`s a vet), thats no problem because I`m well educated, and have also examinations done.

My hobbys are the dog training place – i love agility, but when I`m working , I want to be the best, and so some slalom poles lost their life, when I train. Also I have done the working title SCHH1.

Especially I prefer to escort Susan with her horse because in this time I can rump and run.

Also I go to riding competitions with Susan. There I meet nice dogs and refresh myself by the bar.

I`m really good looking and therefor I go to dog shows.I like this shows, because everybody admire me. In Austria I have won all available prizes.

Of course I`m good in health. My hips are HD-free and my eyes okay. Therefor Susan took me to the breeding acceptance test. I was judged by the standard and I achieved the best result ever judged in Austria. Also my character was woted. 3 judges looked at my nature. I had to go to the city , to show them that a lot of people doesn`t make me feel insecure. After this some strangers wanted to play with me and had to stand optical and acustical irritations.

I was so excellent and so they recommended me for breeding.

An Austian female felt in love with me and one wonderful daughter is living near me. I also made love in Hungary.

If some female wants Babies with me, please call me!

Now I show you my competition results:

bulletÖsterr. Champion
bulletintern. Champion
bulletall points for the canadian Champion
bulletÖsterr. Clubsieger
bulletÖsterr. Bundessieger
bulletSelectionne in Ö
bulletHD – free
bulletPRA – free
bulletWorking title: SCHH1
bulletRecommended for breed

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PS: I got a girl friend some weeks ago. Her name is LOLO , a lovely black briard and we are going to have babies next year.

On April, 3th, Djill got 8 babies! You can see them here!

The babies from Xylona and me were born on May, 10th. You want to have a look on them - click here!

I`m CSNB - free!

Last weekend I won an international show in Hungary! I got the CAC, the CACIB and was best of breed! Susan was really happy!

Now it is very hot in Austria - here you can see me in holidays:

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At the end of august I went to canada with Susan and Martin. We visited my son Didier, who lives now with 4 black briards and Roger and Denise near Montreal. I enjojed this visit very much!! There was a show in Cornwall at this time and we went there and I was showned there. I got 10 points in this two days and so I have now all points for the canadian champion. I`m really very proud!!!

At the end of october I was flying again. I went to Los Angeles for breeding. There I met my fiancee Melodie. My visit was successful and now we are waiting for my milleniums puppies!!!! The puppies are born!! On January, 4th, the "TWINS", 2 male puppies from Melodie and me were born! On Pat`s site you can see them!!

In the first week of april, I married Djill du Coeur d`Autriche, a black female, HD free with working title FH 1. Our babies will be born at the begin of June. We will have black and tawny puppies!

You can contact me:

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